Merely weeks after the launch of John McAfee’s privacy token GHOST, the coin is already seeing real-life utilization in Hong Kong Disneyland.

The team behind the project also announced several upcoming features, including a “decentralized crowdfunding” platform and the release of the GHOST Cell Phone Service beta.

GHOST Usage In Hong Kong

The former antivirus software tycoon and popular cryptocurrency proponent John McAfee announced its newest digital asset endeavor in April. Called GHOST, it’s a privacy coin aiming to enhance users’ online privacy making them “nothing but a ‘ghost’ when transaction online.”

Despite initial criticism of plagiarizing the whitepaper, the token was successfully launched in late May as planned. In this relatively short period for a new coin, GHOST has already experienced real-life utilization, as McAfee announced himself recently:

“GHOST now being used at Disneyland in Hong Kong. Slowly but surely, the world is recognizing what we have done. And there are way, way more features coming in the next three months.”

John McAfee. Source: Yahoo

This integration came after GHOST partnered with the cryptocurrency payment system ivendPay to deploy the coin in over 60 vending machines across Hong Kong. Among those are also machines used in the Disneyland theme park, allowing visitors to purchase goods with their GHOST tokens.

GHOST Developments On The Map

The team behind the privacy coin outlined another feature coming in July, namely “decentralized crowdfunding.” Although precise details lack and the website is still under development, the team said that “pretty soon you will be able to start a crowdfund campaign completely anonymous and decentralized for any purpose, reason, idea, and more.”

McAfee previously informed of an upcoming encrypted chat app that will employ the GHOST blockchain. Dubbed TeleGHOST, it will allow users to link their contacts and history from other apps, and it will have full integration with another popular encrypted messaging platform – Telegram.

McAfee, being a vocal privacy supporter, also noted that every regular smartphone would be able to become “untrackable” soon. This would be possible after the team launches a privacy feature called the GHOST Cell Phone Data Service.

The beta version should arrive on July 3rd. By using it, “any eSIM enabled phone can become invisible on our worldwide system and cannot be located,” the eccentric billionaire said on Twitter.

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