STK Token

October 24, 2017STK CEO and Co-founder Miro Pavletic features as a guest on The Bitcoin Podcast as he discusses how the revolutionary STACK wallet and STK token shapes the future tap-to-pay payment.


Listen to the Interview on The Bitcoin Podcast here


STACK Wallet

STACK is a social money platform to replace your traditional money services and give you back the control to better manage your money, without fees. STACK provides a simple way for its members to understand and improve their financial health, creating a positive, sustainable relationship with their money, without the stress associated with most financial products or transactions. STACK accounts include a chip-and-pin Mastercard prepaid card, providing seamless and secure point-of-sale access to worldwide retailers, global ATM networks and Purchase Protection on every transaction.  

The STK Token


STK is the only token to power the STACK wallet, a digital wallet which functions as a stand-alone account. STACK has access to global payment rails, which provide instant access to 39 million merchants across the globe. Its implementation through the STACK app means you can use STK tokens just as easily as you would a debit card or cash.

The STK public token sale begins on November 13, 17:00 UTC. A pre-sale will run from October 30, 17:00 UTC.

Visit the STK website for more details.

Read their whitepaper here

View STK on TokenMarket

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