Five Firms Joining Blockchain Research Institute In 2018

The Blockchain Research Institute is seeing a great deal of growth this year, especially due to the addition of five major firms. The companies are interested in exploring DLT ventures and they include:

  1. SpaceChain

    SpaceChain combines blockchain technology with space travel and it currently is in the process of solidifying its efforts. It is interested in finding a consensus among humans who want to spontaneously engage in outer space activities. By joining the Blockchain Research Institute, the firm is taking the next step toward unlocking its full potential. The long-term plan of action seems a bit unclear, but it is bound to be interesting.

  2. Procter And Gamble

    Procter and Gamble is one of the most well-known firms in the world and it has recently started paying attention to blockchain technology. The company is interested in incorporating the technology into its activities, such as proxy voting and more. By joining the Blockchain Research Institute, it is getting a step closer at achieving its blockchain-related goals.

  3. Intuit

    Intuit is recognized for its software products and financial tools that make life easier. The accounting and tax preparation materials are used by millions worldwide. Now, with the incorporation of blockchain technology into its products and its exploration of DLT ventures for its Quickbooks products, Intuit may gain an even stronger foothold in the industry. Further, the blockchain technology is a way for the company to help small businesses propel into the future. The company has always been interested in gaining value from technology, and blockchain is at the forefront of its interests. By joining the Blockchain Research Institute, it can stay in-tune with its technological goals.

  4. ExxonMobil

    ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company. It is constantly pushing for innovation and the latest move is to incorporate blockchain into its system. The company explored blockchain by improving its Speedpass+ app and by joining the institute it will be able to provide better and stronger services.

  5. Cisco

    Finally, Cisco is a brand for IT enthusiasts. The company provides computer networking tools, hardware and software. It has recently developed a strong interest in blockchain technology and it has already developed its blockchain venture as well. Though there is no indication as to what joining the Blockchain Research Institute means for the platform, the move is bound to bring about some great changes.

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