I found this article today and thought it was interesting: https://cryptobible.io/blockchain-projects-pole-position/.

Crypto projects are slowly going mainstream and reaching far across different industries, one of them being the racing industry.

A number of projects, like Loci, Doge and Dragonchain, are actively involved in competitions like NASCAR and 2018 Pirelli World Challenge, sponsoring racers and building partnerships. I think this is just one of many examples that crypto is already basically everywhere, from finance to gambling, from academia to sports, from North America to Africa. People are getting used to it, it’s all over the news and it’s not a geeky mystery anymore. These are all reasons why I strongly believe the next bull run will be bigger and will have more impact on lots of industries.

All we need to do is to keep improving the technology, everything else will follow. Hang in there!

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